Jackson Health Foundation Miracle Fund

miracle-fund-photoFor almost 100 years, Jackson Health System has been the go-to source for quality medical care for every member of our community. Whether that medical care has taken place at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Ryder Trauma Center, UM/Jackson Memorial Burn Center, Holtz Children’s Hospital, or Miami Transplant Institute, many of us know by personal experience how critical Jackson is to our community.

As the largest public health system in the country, the residents of Miami-Dade County have been a great source of funding for Jackson. However, taxpayer dollars cannot cover all costs. There are gaps.

Through the Jackson Health Foundation Miracle Fund, we are able to fill in many of the financial gaps that are not supported through taxpayer or government funding. Gifts to the Miracle Fund have an immediate and meaningful impact on our patients and their families. Your gifts enable the Foundation to provide flexible funding for the health system’s greatest needs – patient care, treatment, education, and renovation of facilities and capital projects.

Today, Jackson stands poised to usher in a new era of healthcare miracles as they raise the bar in providing world-class medical care to every member of our community and beyond.

The miracles performed daily throughout Jackson are made possible because of the generosity of individuals like you, who are committed to making sure that everyone receives excellent healthcare.

Help us Make Miracles Happen – for Jackson. Together we can support them in their continuing efforts to provide quality medical care, for many more years to come.